ALIGN | Issue No. 16


Do you fill out our reader polls at the end of each issue of ALIGN? We like to hear what’s top of mind for fellow travelers.

Last week, ALIGN noted that education is exploding with possibility as parents feel motivated to explore options that will free their children from defective schools and questionable curricula.

Curious, we asked readers: “What is the most important non-academic area that is under-emphasized in traditional public schools?”

Nearly 70% of our readers feel that schools are skimping on “practical skills, e.g., home economics, personal finance, woodshop” — far more than “physical activity, e.g., fitness-oriented gym class, more recess” (21%) or “arts, e.g. theatre, music, painting, drawing” (9%). Education entrepreneurs should take heed.

Now, onto our own “practical” considerations as summer vacations round out the remaining weeks of summer.

The Better Alternative

When booking vacation rentals, be forewarned that Airbnb is thoroughly preoccupied with pushing race-based ideology over serving customers. 

Unfortunately, Vrbo is no better, with their website featuring the delightful non sequitur, “We are on a journey to remove problematic terms from our marketplace.”

Plum Guide is a better alternative for booking vacation rentals, with neutral marketing that doesn’t elevate leftwing politics over customers’ needs. While they may offer less choice than the other sites, they pitch their “rigorous vetting process” as the essential component elevating guests’ experience.

Source: Plum Guide Facebook

Business Spotlight

Those in the market for new travel gear should peruse Montana-based Red Oxx, manufacturers of American-made duffel bags, packing cubes, toiletry bags, and more, all designed to be long-wearing and rugged.

They write: “Our bags are hand-made in Montana instead of offshore. This is our dream to build local jobs for regular people… There’s only so much time in life to do good work.”

Source: Red Oxx

The Bigger Picture

Read Joel Kotkin’s relentlessly practical essay in the American Mind, “The End of Merit.”

“In a world where brainpower pushes the economy, the denigration of habits of mind can only further weaken our economic future and undermine republican institutions. Even though the vast majority of corporate executives perceive a growing skills gap, they have failed to stop educators from abandoning skills in favor of ever greater emphasis on ephemera of race and gender.

The pushback against the war on merit won’t come from the craven masters of Wall Street or Silicon Valley but from the grassroots, operators of small businesses, new and old, and most importantly, from parents.”

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