ALIGN | Issue No. 17


Yet another sign of the times comes from Wednesday’s reader poll. We asked: “Are you watching the Olympics this year?” You answered:

53%  Actively no, something is “off”.

38%  Passively no, I simply haven’t had time/interest.

9%     Yes, but this year feels different.

0%     Yes, it’s as thrilling as usual.

It isn’t just the Olympics, where athletes, isolated from their families, are performing historic feats to empty stadiums. Something is definitely “off” stateside, too. Our government grasps for authority by resurrecting severe COVID mandates — and finds no audience for their performance.

Among the people, there’s a spirit of righteous rebellion. Forces for good stretch across our country. Together we can carve out a better path.

The Better Alternative

Your tour of America’s forces for good could take you to a variety of stunning places. While Washington, D.C. still draws tourists from real America seeking the magic of viewing the founding documents at the National Archives, we recommend getting your history fix elsewhere until they can clean up our nation’s capital and make it safe for visitors again.

Instead, poignant historical sites could become your Great American Bucket List: visit GettysburgAppomattoxthe Alamo, or the Boston Freedom Trail. Try Fort McHenry (the inspiration for the Star-Spangled Banner), Fort SumterMonticello or Mount Rushmore. Marvel at American innovation and exploration at the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk or the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City. There’s much to celebrate, from Graceland to the Grand Canyon

Business Spotlight

For those planning one last trip before summer’s end, Pelican Products enjoys extreme brand loyalty and a reputation for the most reliable gear made in the USA. They offer versatile supplies for camping, hiking, hunting, diving, photography, and more. Known for durability, their products are built to withstand underwater depths and the harsh demands of the military. Their coolers, insulated mugs and canteens, and protective cell phone cases are designed for the wear and tear of everyday life.

With factories in California, Minnesota, and Massachusetts, Pelican articulates the business case for keeping manufacturing and jobs in the country. Pelican highlights the engineering innovations that make their products exceptionally durable, citing domestic manufacturing as essential for “controlling your intellectual property and your know-how.” And they emphasize the expertise of their long-time employees is far more valuable than lowering labor costs by offshoring.

Source: Pelican

The Bigger Picture

Read Michael Anton’s guide to the propaganda deployed against the public, “That’s Not Happening And It’s Good That It Is.”

“Gaslighting getting you down? You’re not crazy. It’s definitely happening and likely to get worse. The better we can understand how they try to manipulate us, the better we can resist and counter it all.”

Source: The American Mind

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