ALIGN | Issue No. 21


We aim to provide more options to move away from factory-farmed food sources, given the anti-farmer and anti-consumer stances of food industry giants that we discussed in Wednesday’s issue.

Competing with decades of monopolistic practices to reclaim food supply chains won’t be easy. But every day, as consumers, we can divert as much of our buying power as possible to alternatives. 

We’d like to present a few more products that may interest you or inspire you to look for similar businesses in your own state or region.

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The Better Alternative

Cabot Creamery Co-Op thinks better dairy products come from “happy cows.” 

Cabot’s co-op of New York and New England family-owned dairy farms was started over 100 years ago. To this day, they write, “Cabot’s 800 co-op farms all want the same thing: to provide for our families, give back to our communities, and produce the best cheese in the world.”

Cabot products, readily available in many markets, are a better alternative to factory-farmed butter, yogurt, milk, and cheese. Let us know if you recommend a principled dairy supplier from your region of the country!

Source: Cabot Creamery Youtube

If you know of a business that shares your values, let us know so we can spread the word!

Business Spotlight

To discuss the drawbacks of corporate meat suppliers is certainly not to be “anti-meat.” 

The people behind Force of Nature Meats are emphatic about this. Their mission is anchored by providing the highest-quality meat, treating animals respectfully, and stewarding their land and the environment through “regenerative” farming. 

Their website features a handy list of myth-busting FAQs about meat, health, and the environment, and their vocal approach is refreshing in an era of tiresome marketing platitudes. They write: “Despite the efforts of a loud and misleading vegan narrative, research is showing that our greatest tool to capturing atmospheric carbon is actually ruminant animals grazing on regenerating grasslands.”

Source: Force of Nature Facebook

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The Bigger Picture

This piece describes the challenges facing America’s small, family-owned dairy farmers. 

To be champions of family farmers and small-scale agriculture — crucial components of our economy, heritage, and culture — like-minded Americans must consider how we can act as a counterweight to economic policies and trends that unfairly favor only the biggest players.

“With the Wallenhorst dairy farm gone, there’s only one left on the seven-mile stretch from one side of town to the other; there were 22 when Ron was growing up there. ‘We worried no one would show up because dairy farms are just disappearing in our area, so there were fewer and fewer small farmers to buy from us,’ Ron said.”

Source: Greg Kahn, The Guardian, Ron & Lori Wallenhorst in their empty barn

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