ALIGN | Issue No. 24


It’s good news when we can report survivors of a cancellation attempt.

Perennial political bully Patagonia tried to initiate a cancel mob against an owner of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. For what unforgivable sin did he earn their attempt at ritual sacrifice? Hosting a fundraiser for Republican politicians. Patagonia thinks part of its mission as a company is to punish business owners for supporting elected politicians who represent the people of this country. Apparently, Patagonia believes the world would be a better place if Republican voters no longer had any political representation.

As of now, the notoriously hostile apparel company remains frustrated, as their targets haven’t given in. Perhaps bullying independent-minded Americans into compliance is harder than they thought.

What makes a clothing company think businesspeople and consumers must take orders from them? Such coercive actors receive assistance from corporate media who share their goal: a society where nobody can dissent from left-wing/corporate orthodoxy. But their arrogance exceeds their abilities. The American people were not born to let a fleece sweatshirt company police their vote or their values. 

It can be hard to give up buying from a brand you may have come to know and like, but at some point, self-respecting consumers have to look at this behavior and tell corporate bullies: you don’t own me.

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The Better Alternative

One alternative to Patagonia for outdoor wear would be Wintergreen Northern Wear. Free from the bullying tactics that former Patagonia customers find so repellent, Wintergreen writes: “Our mission is to design and make quality outdoor clothing inspired by Minnesota’s Boundary Waters and other wild places. We strive to build community by relying on local labor, paying livable wages and giving generously. We design, cut and sew all of our clothing right on the main street of Ely, Minnesota.”

Instead of focusing on bullying people into submission, Wintergreen focuses on strengthening their small town by building a thriving manufacturing business: “Since 1987, Wintergreen has quietly nurtured the trend to ‘bring it home’ — to return the design and crafting of apparel from overseas factories to main street America.”

Source: Wintergreen Northern Wear Facebook

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Business Spotlight

Apparel manufacturers Over Under Clothing freely embrace a pro-American mission and aesthetic. It’s a refreshing approach in a time when so many products are marketed by moralizing lectures.

In addition to standard items such as tees and shorts, they feature fishing performance wear, swimwear, leather goods, and more.

They write: “We are proud to say we’re MADE IN THE USA! At the moment, over 75% of our products are produced in the USA. It is our goal to attain 100% American Manufacturing as soon as possible, as manufacturing and skilled labor return to this country. This was our hearts’ desire because we truly love and are thankful for our Great Country.”

We appreciate Over Under’s patriotism. How many large “American” corporations would assert in such plain and earnest language that our country is worth celebrating?

Check out Over Under's close of summer sale.

Source: Over Under Clothing Facebook

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The Bigger Picture

Corporations that attempt to extort compliance with their political preferences are about as un-American as it gets. Remember, they are counting on the powerful institutions that side with them to make their causes seem more popular than they are.

Read our co-founder Matt Peterson’s call to action for all who oppose this “tide of totalitarianism.” The American way of life is at stake, and neutrality is not an option.

“The only way out is through. There are a variety of actions now needed if America is to push back against the rolling ‘woke’ revolution, but they all depend upon organizing a new cultural and commercial movement that stands up and fights for the common interests of all those who oppose the increasing tide of totalitarianism. That’s why we created New Founding: to create a broad-based digital commonwealth that will protect and represent businesses and consumers alike. We have dedicated ourselves to the task of organizing and creating new networks of consumers and businesses.

“If American businesses cannot band together to protect themselves and take a stand for our natural and constitutional rights against the unrelenting attacks of political radicals, the future of the American way of life is dark indeed.”

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