ALIGN | Issue No. 27


Joe Biden’s proposed vaccine mandate is one of the most terrifying abuses of power we have ever witnessed in American history. We’re hoping and praying that the legal challenges stop this obscene power grab in its tracks. But no matter the outcome, something is now abundantly clear: If you work for an unaligned business, your freedom is already gone.

First, it was the mandatory “diversity and inclusion” training. Then, it’s the relentless hounding from radicalized HR departments. Just as Jennifer Aniston’s character was confronted for not wearing enough “flair” in the movie Office Space, you start to wonder if folks notice that you don’t put any pride symbols on your desk in June. Heaven forbid you display a cross. 

They’re relentlessly colonizing your mind. With the vaccine mandates, they’re coming for your body as well.

At New Founding, we have a mantra: Stop buying from people who hate you. We’ll add to that: Stop working for those people, too.

Source: Businessfast Website

The Better Alternative

Nearly every corporation in America champions the “diversity and inclusion” regime—and now wants to enforce Biden’s vaccine mandate. Workers have finally had enough. 

We know it can be hard to change jobs. Family, finances, healthcare, and more tie us down. That’s why we’re constantly on the hunt for “better alternatives” to hostile employers that we can share with our readers. As demonstrated in a recent profile of our company, New Founding, we have major plans to grow our network of like-minded Americans. Soon, we’ll debut a new way to connect with the New Founding Alliance and explore opportunities to exit the corporate machine that crushes dissent and treats employees with contempt.

You can also check out Earthley, a holistic healthcare company that has created a list of “Businesses Supporting Medical Freedom. According to their website, these are “businesses that have taken the pledge to NEVER require vaccine passports.”

We haven’t verified every business on this list, but browse for some good companies to patronize—and perhaps even work for. 

Additionally, look through the “No Vax Mandate Job Board” on Gab, which has seen explosive growth: it’s reached 41,000 members who are seeking new employment or recruiting new employees.

Source: Earthley Facebook

Business Spotlight

If you’re really serious about using your talents at a company that doesn’t want to destroy your family, your neighborhood, your nation, and your way of life, start exploring the job search engine Red Balloon. Our friends at Red Balloon have collected job listings at businesses that reject cancel culture and won’t force you to adopt your boss’s politics just to get by. 

Any businesses looking to hire the talent heading for the exits at pro-mandate companies should post their job listings on Red Balloon, as well. If you’d prefer not to identify your company, you can post job opportunities using the site’s Anonymous Balloon network.

Like New Founding, Red Balloon is still building out its capabilities, and there is more to come. If you don’t find the perfect job just yet, check in from time to time. We’re certain God will put you where you need to be.

Source: RedBalloon YouTube

The Bigger Picture

One unfortunate consequence of ever-expanding vaccine mandates is that many rational skeptics will get the jab not because they’ve been persuaded, but because they feel forced. 

However, some are taking a different approach. They aren’t anti-vaxxers in principle (very few people are), but they refuse to blindly submit.

Many are moving to red states. As Michael Anton and our founder Matt Peterson just discussed, red states have shown some spine against the mandate. The mayor of Anchorage, Alaska, for example, made a commendable statement announcing his city will not comply.

Others are taking a personal stand. A reporter at ESPN decided to resign rather than be forced to take a vaccine she does not yet feel comfortable with. Jim Breuer, a  comedian, said he would not perform at venues that require vaccine passports. He knows this will cost him business, but he said he was “not going to be enslaved to the system or money.”

Some things matter more than comfort, stability, safety, or cash. Americans knew that once. We’re learning it again.

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