ALIGN | Issue No. 28


How can we maintain financial freedom when our enemies control the levers of the global economy and show such enthusiasm for deplatforming? Where can we go to save our money, get loans, or accept and send payments when the legacy institutions refuse to do business with—or even proactively shut down—those who think freely?

This isn’t an academic question. PayPal blacklisted a Christian crowdfunding site. Bank of America cut business ties with a company that ran illegal immigrant detention facilities. Mastercard is using its credit card dominance to advance radical gender ideology.

The Biden Administration has even proposed empowering the IRS to snoop on Americans’ personal and business banking activity. One Maine state representative is sounding the alarm with a resolution saying, “President Joe Biden wants the IRS to have automatic access to information about every American’s bank account as well as every PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp account, even without any accusations of wrongdoing.” 

The totalitarians in charge know that if we can’t buy, sell, save, or raise capital, we’re done for. To stay free, concerned Americans are building and exploring alternative financial institutions. You’re not the only one wondering how that might work.

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The Better Alternative

The big banks are not on our side. Whether it’s Citibank’s assault on the Second Amendment, Bank of America choking out congressmen skeptical of the 2020 election results, or Wells Fargo shutting down the account of an America First activist, the big banks are no place to house your hard-earned money.

On the other hand, there are select smaller institutions out there like Portage Bank that value integrity, trust, and human dignity all while remaining non-discriminatory.

Of course, another great alternative is a local credit union. We can’t guarantee your particular credit union is on our side. But we do believe in a general rule: Local is better. As many financial companies focus on signaling obedience to leftist political causes, local credit unions tend to know who they answer to: their customers.

Source: Portage Bank Website

Business Spotlight

One alternative to traditional finance is cryptocurrency. While crypto can be volatile, it offers a promising alternative to the current system monopolized by increasingly hostile private and public powers.

If you’re interested in crypto, Quontic Bank is a relatively new alternative making a name for itself by offering Bitcoin rewards checking accounts. And by fully embracing online banking, Quontic serves as a national alternative to bigger banks that treat people like us as enemies, not customers.

Quontic also specializes in helping those blocked by current financial regulations to access mortgage lending, including small business owners and freelancers with irregular income.

Good news: That means you don’t have to continue drawing paychecks from Woke Corp International to qualify for a loan. Rates may be a little higher, but at least you can still buy a house when you don’t conform to the system—or when the system cuts you out.

Source: Quontic Bank Website

The Bigger Picture

Our friend James Poulos, Executive Editor of The American Mind, recently wrote a must-read piece in the New York Times entitled, “How Cryptocurrency Can Keep Americans Free.” In it, he clearly assesses the problem:

“Without a fundamentally new and better way to generate, circulate, save and exchange wealth, Americans will be increasingly powerless to prevent their financial system from being used to transform their country into a technological cage.”

But he sees a way to avoid this dark future:

“Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies can free ordinary Americans from the financial and psychological discipline and punishment at the core of this system of control…. The fast-emerging social credit system erases the line between private and public; Americans need Bitcoin and the like in order to take back their destinies in the digital world instead of entrusting it to more private or public sector overlords.”

Read the whole piece here. We have the power to resist Woke Capital, and this is the kind of technology that can make it happen.

Source: New York Times Article

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