ALIGN | Issue No. 30


Fall is here, and while we’re coffee drinkers year-round, there is something particularly pleasurable about a hot cup of joe on a crisp autumn morning. And who needs lectures on privilege and “intersectionality” when coffee gives us plenty to appreciate about diversity: You can drink it hot or iced, plain or pumped full of pumpkin spice, poured out from an industrial drip machine or specially crafted by a barista at that trendy café where it appears the main qualification for employment is to wear a beanie and a printed t-shirt.

However you like it, we have only one recommendation: Enjoy it sitting down. Part of living a truly human life is putting aside the busyness of the day even for just a moment to rest and enjoy the tangible beauty of existence. Maybe it’s the real, personal presence of a friend. Maybe it’s the leaves slowly falling from your backyard tree. Maybe it’s as simple as soaking in the sunrise colors so much warmer than the weather ahead.

Whatever it is, forget about the news. Keep your hands busy with a mug of coffee, and remind yourself that, yeah, the world is a mess, but it can be beautiful, too.

The Better Alternative

Sadly, even our necessary daily dose of caffeine has become a political battleground. Presumed friends like Black Rifle Coffee joined the pile on by implying their customers are racist. Meanwhile, Starbucks is the most ubiquitous coffee chain in America and by far the most woke. From the corporation’s aggressive support for the trans agenda to its refusal to protect right-wing employees from workplace discrimination, it’s obvious that Starbucks wants Americans to line their pockets, but they don’t think our beliefs are acceptable. 

In a June issue of ALIGN, we recommended dropping Dunkin’, which pushed pride month celebrations with a heavy hand (as though their only customers are leftwing activists), and instead buying coffee and donuts at Krispy Kreme, which sidestepped the marketing trend of “celebrating pride month.”

Sometimes a better alternative isn’t perfect—but it is at least better. So while it’s impossible to find a coffee chain with as big a reach as Starbucks and with clear support for our cause, there is one growing franchise that won’t shove politics down your throat and could be worth a try. It’s called Dunn Brothers Coffee. With 62 locations in 7 states all independently owned and operated by local members of the community, Dunn Brothers Coffee is a growing—and friendly—alternative to the behemoth from Seattle.

Source: Dunn Brothers Facebook

Business Spotlight

There are also plenty of smaller roasters and suppliers around the country that are aligned with our values. For example, Hero Beverage Co. is owned and operated by a first responder, and their coffee honors those who work for the greater good—from military personnel and firefighters to 911 dispatchers and farmers. They also donate 10% of their revenue to schools, hospitals, military bases, fire stations, and police departments across the United States. In the same vein, Fresh Roasted Coffee in Sunbury, Pennsylvania gives a discount to military members and their families, first responders, and educators. Next time you buy a bag of coffee, sample something new and see if Hero Beverage Co. or Fresh Roasted Coffee makes the cut.

Source: Hero Beverage Co. Facebook

The Bigger Picture

The dangers of woke capital extend far beyond the realm of what we buy and sell. The radical turn corporations have taken is part of a holistic attempt to coerce us to conform in every domain of life. Our friend Tom Klingenstein put it well in his piece “The War Against Woke Communism”:

“Education, corporate media, entertainment, big business, especially big tech, are to varying degrees aligned with the Democratic Party, which is now controlled by Woke Communists. These institutions together with the government function as a totalitarian regime, crafting narratives that advance their agenda and suppressing those that do not.”

Tom is not without hope though. He noticed the many pockets of resistance “bubbling up across the country.” New Founding is one of them—however, with all due respect to Tom, we know like-minded Americans make up more than just a pocket. We’re half the country, and we are laying the foundations for an economy where our citizens are respected—and our communities can thrive.

Source: The American Mind Website

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