ALIGN | Issue No. 31


We all know Halloween at its worst: adults and teens in overly revealing costumes, borderline satanic decorations, college students (like those infamously at Yale) overtaken by an infantile rage at the mere thought of costumes deemed to be insensitive.

But we shouldn’t let spoilsports ruin the fun. At its best, Halloween is a time for kids to embrace fantasy and imagination—to pull back the veil created by the dry routine of everyday life to see that there still exists magic, excitement, wonder, the unknown, and even the frightening. As with every holiday, the cultural Marxists want to politicize Halloween, with mainstream outlets running annual pieces insisting the holiday is tainted by “cultural appropriation.”

 The left, now proudly functioning as a nation-wide Human Resources department, wants us to incorporate their political dogma into every decision we make in our lives. So this October 31st, just ignore them. Have fun. Let kids be kids, whether they want to dress up as Pocahontas, Moana, an Arab sheik, a sumo wrestler, a hobo, or even something that won’t offend the androgynous leftwing couple down the block.

The Better Alternative

It’s sad, but it shouldn’t exactly surprise us that even candy has been colonized by the left. On their obligatory “diversity, equity, and inclusion” page, Hershey’s proudly features employee identity groups for a variety of races and sexualities (but definitely, definitely, not for white men. That would be “racist”). Meanwhile, Mars Wrigley—the makers of M&Ms, Milky Way, Skittles, Starbursts, Twix, and more—proudly advertises its high score on the so-called Corporate Equality Index created by the radical sexual identity ideologues at the Human Rights Campaign. Meanwhile, other major companies like Lindt, Haribo, and Nestle are foreign owned.

But there is one major American candy company that hasn’t completely jumped the shark: Jelly Belly. Top folks there have given money to the GOP (not a perfect measure of alignment, but better than giving to the Democrats). Even more impressively, the Chairman of the Jelly Belly Board, Herman Rowland, donated money to try and defeat California’s transgender bathroom bill back in 2013. When the trick or treaters knock, I know what candy we’ll be handing out.

Source: Jelly Belly Facebook

Business Spotlight

Another good bet is to drop the corporate candy companies altogether and instead patronize a local purveyor of sweets. Many towns and cities in America still have mom and pop shops with all sorts of sugary desserts made in America—generally with higher quality goods than their industrialized counterparts.

For example, you can try John & Kira’s, a made in America, family-owned chocolate shop that’s been operating in Philadelphia for nearly 20 years and has a robust online catalogue. There’s also Doscher’s Candies, one of the oldest candy companies in America founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1871, which sells caramels, candy buttons, taffy, and candy canes (we know, wrong holiday). 

Some small candy makers have such a big following, they ship cross-country. Does your town have a beloved local chocolatier or confectionary? Let us know, and perhaps we can feature them for our readers with a sweet tooth.

Source: Doscher’s Candies Website

The Bigger Picture

We’ve all heard about the mass flight cancellations affecting Southwest Airlines, seemingly caused by striking workers protesting the vaccine mandate. Meanwhile online, there’s rumblings about further strikes and “sickouts” from essential workers across industries. Many are fed up with being used as political props when convenient, then totally disrespected when it comes to their privacy, autonomy, and personal health. 

Now, we don’t know the cause of the flight turmoil definitively. But we did see this online:

I’m in the airline industry… I asked one of the pilots about [the Southwest cancellations], The answer I got was (paraphrasing): 80% of our pilots are ex-military. We see the tyranny that’s happening. They’re coming for essential workers first…and they’re coming for the rest of America next. We’re not doing it for us, we’re doing it for America.”

We’ll see how this shakes out. If the airline disruptions are indeed related to the vaccine mandates, regular people have more power than our would-be overlords like to think.

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