ALIGN | Issue No. 35


Thank God for our veterans. We can all agree on that. They were told to go near and far from home and they did, serving our country with distinction and honor. From our oldest living veterans down to our youngest, here at ALIGN we want to give you all a heartfelt “thank you” for your service.

We often highlight veteran-owned or veteran-operated businesses. It’s not a perfect rule, but if people are willing to put on a uniform and put their life on the line for America, it’s likely they will also serve America’s best interest in how they run their business. 

Unfortunately, from business to politics, there are also some who take advantage of our trust in and respect for those who serve their country. Take the sad spectacle of military brass–like General Mark Milley–kowtowing to the radical leftwing social engineers while embracing their racist ideology. That’s why we want you to know that when we highlight veteran businesses, we try to make sure they are truly aligned with our mission.

For Veterans Day, we’ve reviewed a broad slate of businesses across different industries who we know are not only veteran-owned or -operated, but also continue to serve America’s best interest even after they have hung up their uniforms.

The Better Alternative

Interested in a new pair of kicks? Forget the Converse “Pride” shoe line or Adidas with their racial quotas for hiring. Woobies shoes is the way to go.

Veteran-owned and veteran-produced, Woobies delivers slick, low-profile shoes perfect for daily use. They don’t have the largest selection of shoes, but the ones they have are 100% made in America, more durable than the sweatshop sneakers of southeast Asia, and sport a simple style that will fit almost any set of clothes.

Don’t forget a few other veteran-centered brands we’ve already featured as well. For example, Brave American sells all sorts of patriotic décor and apparel with a 100% veteran workforce hand making every item. There’s also R. Riveter, a handbag company founded by two military spouses, reminding us that veterans always had a family behind them making their own silent sacrifices as well.

Source: Woobies Shoes Facebook

Business Spotlight

If you’re like us and love opening a bottle of beer, but you wonder how you can look totally awesome while doing it, Bottle Breacher is right up your alley. Former Navy Seal Eli Crane and his wife Jen make impressive bottle openers in Arizona from recycled .50 caliber rounds—and they donate to a variety of nonprofits that support veterans, active-duty personnel, and first responders.

Knight Case is another great veteran-owned company producing pillow cases that block out the germs on your hotel pillow—or really any shared pillow. Think you don’t need one? Well, think about how many people have sneezed into that pillow before you rested your head. Yep. Proudly made in Texas, Knight Case is a must for frequent travelers.

Source: Bottle Breacher Facebook

The Bigger Picture

Our military is being subverted. Strength of arms is an afterthought while corrupt, incompetent bureaucrats impose CRT re-education and seek to purge Trump supporters from the ranks. 

Further, military leaders face no accountability for their failures. Lloyd Austin, a general who notoriously downplayed the strength of ISIS to President Obama, was rewarded by Joe Biden and the U.S. Senate and named Secretary of Defense. He remains untouched after his inept Afghanistan withdrawal left 13 service members dead.

In the face of all of this, veteran G. David Bednar’s essay covers the case of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, a Marine Corps officer who risked his position—and violated his chain of command—to publicly call for failed military leaders to be held to account. Where some saw controversy, others saw courage. Bednar wrote: 

“A conversation I had recently with a former Marine officer about Col. Scheller went like this: “I agree with everything he said and it needed to be said. But it was not his role to say it. It should have been a very senior officer.” My response went unanswered: “But what if no one else WOULD say it?” Hearing Col. Scheller, we brightened at the sound of something rare and beautiful: the truth.”

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