ALIGN | Issue No. 37


During the Christmas season, we can’t help but want to shower the ones we love with gifts. It’s a natural response. After all, at a time when we celebrate how God gave us the greatest gift of all through the birth of his Son, we’re moved to be generous with others in return—especially with our family and friends.

Thankfully, this year you can make the gifts you buy matter twice as much. With the ALIGN Christmas Gift Guide, not only can you find truly fitting and memorable gifts for family and friends, you can do it while supporting good, pro-American businesses and workers. It’s a win-win—just like it always is when you buy with purpose.

Below we’ve made a list of numerous great companies with all sorts of gifts that would work perfectly for your parents, your spouse, your kids, your siblings, your friends… or really just about anyone. It’s a mix of best-loved products we’ve recommended in the past and products we’re featuring for the very first time. We hope you enjoy it.

Best-loved products for all looking to choose businesses that share pro-American values instead of buying from “woke” hostile corporations.

Browse by category below.

For Kids

Source: Bannor Toys Facebook

For Him

  • Kennesaw Co.: *Featured Business* A part of the New Founding group of companies, Kennesaw Co. offers one-of-a-kind apparel, starting with a sleek, handsomely-designed vest featuring a special concealed-carry compartment, and an homage to the 2nd Amendment printed inside. It makes an exceptional gift for hunters, for sportsmen, and for all men who value the right to carry and protect their families.
  • Vaer: Affordable, American-crafted wristwatches
  • Golden’s Cast Iron: Dumbbells, kettlebells, outdoor cookers, and clothing
  • Authentically American: Competitively priced, American-made apparel
  • Alchemy Goods: Belts, bags, and wallets made with recycled materials
  • Wilde Tool: All types of tools for your resident handyman, made in Kansas for decades
  • Over Under Clothing: Apparel and other goods fit for an outdoorsman
  • Lifetime Leather: Wallets, belts, bags, and cases made with high-quality leather
  • Council Tool: Hatchets, axes, yard tools and more made in North Carolina since 1886
  • Duluth Pack: Luggage and bags designed to last forever and made in Duluth, Minnesota

Source: Duluth Pack Facebook

For Her

Source: Dainty Jewells Facebook

For Home

Source: Nordic Ware Facebook

For The Table

  • Gold River Trading Co.: *Featured Business* A part of the New Founding group of companies, Gold River Trading Co. is a specialty tea company that serves modern pioneers forging new frontiers and charting new paths. Blended and packed in the United States, Gold River’s fine teas are a healthy, flavorful alternative to woke beverage companies. Skip the flavored sugar-water and start your day with a cup of 1776 American Breakfast or Gunpowder Green Tea.
  • Pistachio Land: Yes, there’s a store devoted to pistachios—grown in New Mexico by the same family for decades
  • John & Kira’s Chocolate: Incredibly tasty chocolates and confections
  • Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory: Irresistible snacks made from “momma’s own recipe”
  • Doscher’s Candies: Classic and retro candies, including candy canes
  • Zesti Sauces: All-natural sauces and seasonings for the refined palate
  • Lindley Mills: An organic, specialty flour mill, family-run for ten generations

Source: Docher’s Candies Facebook

For Outdoor Fun

Source: Wintergreen Northernwear Facebook — “We began in 1985 by designing gear for our first expedition to the North Pole. Since then, we’ve explored just about every cold place on the planet, from Greenland to the Russian Arctic – all with our own gear.”

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