ALIGN | Issue No. 38


There is something respectable about a well-groomed, well-shaven man.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a grizzled appearance in the right context. If you’re coming back from camping, hunting, outdoor work, or some other laborious activity and you look a little rough around the edges, more power to you. But men lose their appeal when instead of grizzly they look slovenly. No woman wants to be with a slob. If you can’t defend yourself against a rat tail and a neck beard, how can you defend a wife and children against robbers, poverty, or gender fluidity?

Restoring the American way of life demands manliness. Manliness requires self-respect. Whether you sport facial hair or a clean-shaven look, a man who respects himself presents himself well. Enough said.

The Better Alternative

How do you shave like a man without abetting the destruction of manliness? It’s an odd question, but a genuine one, because if you shave using Gillette or Harry’s Razors, you’re funding the forces that support ending the very idea of manhood.

Gillette in particular has made itself into one of the most woke brands in America. One ad follows a so-called “transgender man” (i.e., a girl) who discusses shaving as a component of the kind of man she wants to become. In 2019, the men’s grooming giant paid top dollar for a Super Bowl spot devoted entirely to condemning “toxic masculinity” while promoting the idea that when boys act like boys, that means they are beating people up and sexual harassing women. Watching the ad, you’d think the biggest problem our decadent and effeminate society faces is that men are acting too assertively.

Meanwhile, Harry’s Razors hasn’t yet descended into full-scale propaganda like Gillette, but they did cut sponsorships for popular conservative commentator Michael Knowles when Knowles criticized transgender ideology.

These brands are certainly not “the best a man can get.” That’s why here at ALIGN, we recommend Duke Cannon. Soap, deodorant, cologne, shaving supplies, shampoo—everything a man needs to present himself well, made in the USA without any of the liberal BS. They write: “Your masculinity is not defined by the brands you use but by the actions you take. The Duke Cannon brand is FOR decent, hard-working men; it doesn’t help create them.”

Source: Duke Cannon Facebook

If you know of a business that shares your values, let us know so we can spread the word.

Business Spotlight

We don’t want to leave the ladies out in this issue. Feminine beauty should be celebrated. Society should not accept androgynous mediocrity and gaudy drag queen clown makeup. We recommend you take a look at Nimi Skincare. American-made and proudly feminine, they produce natural skincare products to help repair and revitalize your skin. 

Our readers can use the discount code “ALIGN” to receive 10% off your next Nimi Skincare purchase. Click here and you will automatically have the discount applied to your cart.

Photo courtesy of Nimi Skincare

The Bigger Picture

Charles Fain Lehman had an illuminating piece recently in City Journal analyzing how exactly woke capital came to be, tracing its history to the present-day. After all, it’s impossible to defeat something if we don’t even know where it came from. After diagnosing the problem, he offers one possible solution to start with:

“Racial discrimination remains illegal under Title VII; while the battle to enforce its actual language will be difficult, successful legal action would endanger the diversity paradigm. Making clear to firms that, if they are too woke, they will face lawsuits from disgruntled employees may prove sufficient incentive to curb the worst excesses. An overly woke workplace can count as a “hostile environment,” too, particularly in the hands of a skilled litigator and a judiciary that has grown more conservative over the past half-decade.”

Read the whole piece. It’s worth it.

Stay cozy this winter, and let us know if we should add a pro-American business you love to our 2021 Christmas Gift Guide.

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