ALIGN | Issue No. 39


We know you loved the ALIGN Christmas Gift Guide, so now we’re back with more: The ALIGN Stocking Stuffer Guide! With the help of our handy guidance, you can be sure to fill up not just the space under your tree, but the space in your stockings as well.

Below you can find a whole range of pro-American stocking stuffers, from the tackiest kitsch to the finest snacks.

As always, let us know if you have a favorite high-brow or low-brow stocking stuffer that fellow patriots would love.

Merry Christmas!

Best-loved products for all looking to choose businesses that share pro-American values instead of buying from “woke” hostile corporations.

Browse stocking stuffers by category below, from the tackiest kitsch to the finest snacks.


  • Gold River Trading Co.: *Featured Business* Enjoy this specialty tea company’s 1776 American Breakfast or Gunpowder Green Tea blends
  • Good Earth Peanut Company: Every type of peanut you can ask for, plus treats like trail mix and chocolate-covered cherries, shipped straight from Virginia
  • Singleton’s General Store: There’s a lot to choose from in this Vermont general store—check their “products we sell online” tab—but we’re here for the maple syrup, maple sugar candy, and beloved Vermont cheeses
  • Cape Cod Provisions: Delicious fruit-themed sweets from the cold coasts of New England
  • Ditalia Fine Italian Imports: An American company that delivers the best of Italy, including seasonal treats like panettone. And where else are you going to find caciocavallo cheese?
  • Funky Chunky: Gourmet popcorn made in Minnesota
  • Mountain America Jerky: Glorious, salty, tasty, meat sticks made in Colorado
  • The Chattanooga Butter Company: Everything is better with butter, so come here to get even better butter—with spreads in flavors like Roasted Garlic and Maple Candied Bacon

Source: Gold River Trading Co.

Funny and Kitschy Items

  • Casual Friday Candles: Shop hilarious scents like the fiery but “Mostly Peaceful” amber and patchouli or the calming “Sleepy Joe” lavender and eucalyptus candle, all made in McKinney, Texas
  • Screaming Freedom Apparel: These goofy and patriotic shirts and gifts really do speak for themselves. Take a look—browse by 2nd Amendment apparel, anti-Biden apparel, and more
  • National Archives Store: No need to look through the whole catalog. Just buy the patriotic dog sweater
  • Saints and Sneakers: Who doesn’t want to sport Padre Pio, Joan of Arc, or the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel on their shoes?
  • Dissident Soaps: American-made, family-owned soap company to help wash off the smell of modernity
  • “Build the Wall Construction Co.” T-Shirt: For all the builders at heart out there 

Source: Facebook

Quality Items

  • Bottle Breacher: Impressive bottle openers made in Arizona from recycled .50 caliber rounds
  • Mount Vernon Gift Shop: Founding Fathers-themed ornaments, busts, books, and more
  • The Stellar Company: Delightful vintage candles in scents like Gingerbread and Caramel Apple. All natural and made in America
  • Michigan Mittens: Snag a pair of wool “USA” mittens from this Great Lakes-themed Michigan company (discount code “SHOPSMALL20” saves you 20% sitewide!)
  • L.L. Bean Hand Warmers: They’re wicked good. It says so on the box
  • L.L. Bean Wool Socks: This writer actually has a pair and can attest that these are truly high-quality merino wool socks
  • Buck Knives: Try their “Gifts Under $50” page for all the utility and hunting knives you could want from this fourth-generation family-run Idaho company 
  • American Whistle Corporation: The last whistle manufacturer in America is standing by for all the times you just really need to make some noise. Handcrafted in Ohio since 1956 for patriotic lifeguards, referees, little league coaches, campers, hikers, and more.

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