ALIGN | Issue No. 40


At ALIGN, we help develop an economy rooted in businesses that support a better, more human way of living. That can mean a lot of things. It means not buying from woke corporations that actively work against the interests of our families and our country. It means supporting our communities by choosing local businesses, farms, or suppliers wherever possible. It means doing our best to buy American and support American workers. Our hope is that as you get this email every week, we can help you see businesses holistically and find ones who share our values and our vision for restoring our country’s promise. That, or at least you can find neutral alternatives to hostile companies.

During this Christmas season, we wanted to focus on another quality that puts some businesses above the rest: their heart for charity and giving. Below, you’ll find some great companies that have made supporting worthy causes a central part of their mission no matter the season.

The Better Alternative

Christmas is the time to deck the halls and spruce up the house with festive decorations. It can be easy to make a run down to your local Lowe’s or Target—but it would be better to take a pass.

After all, Lowe’s sponsored critical race theory training, and when Target isn’t selling Christmas lights, their stores are filled with LGBT propaganda. Instead, head out to Hobby Lobby, which not only has beautiful decorations and is fully aligned with our values, but also makes it a point to donate to worthy causes. They also offer a 10% discount to churches, schools, and national charitable organizations. When it matters, Hobby Lobby gives back.

As you’re preparing your big Christmas feast, don’t forget to double check if your grocery store of choice cares about what you care about. For example, while Kroger denies sick leave and raises insurance rates for their workers who are uncomfortable with the vaccines, and fires workers who refuse to wear the LGBT pride logo at work, Food Lion is focusing on what matters—such as sending truckloads of bottled water to Kentucky tornado victims.

Business Spotlight

There are a million different clothing companies out there, and it can be hard to find one that not only treats their workers with respect, but actually does good in the world. From Lululemon to Ralph Lauren and beyond, everyone seems to have gone woke.

But that’s not true of Hope Outfitters. They exist to give glory to God and they give all of their profits—literally 100%—to good causes. According to their website, to date they’ve given over $160,000 to help save babies from abortion, over $65,000 to fight human trafficking, and another $62,000 for other efforts such as adoption support and homeless relief.

Source: Hope Outfitters Facebook

The Bigger Picture

Some people make their entire career insulting Americans and accusing us of being racists or sexists or -phobes of this, that, and the other. But the truth is, overall, Americans are a kind and generous people.

Nothing shows this more than the time after a natural disaster. Spontaneously, Americans always come together and help others. Right now in Kentucky after devastating tornadoes, the local Owensboro Times featured these details that are repeated in communities across the country every time there is a need:

“On the local level, Haley-McGinnis Funeral Home & Crematory will be parking at Walmart on KY 54 today starting at 10am today accepting donations of water, diapers, non-perishable items, coats, clothes, and more…. Pure Barre Owensboro is also taking donations of toiletries and toys at their store. Annie McCrary, owner of the Owensboro location, said she wanted to get involved once she woke up Saturday morning. ‘After thankfully waking up this morning in a warm, loving home, knowing many weren’t as lucky as myself, I knew I had to do something to help,’ McCrary said.”

Fellow citizens like Annie McCrary didn’t do this for the publicity. But we’re glad they were noticed. They are yet another reminder that the heart of America is generous and good.

Stay cozy this winter, and let us know if we should add a pro-American business you love to our 2021 Christmas Gift Guide.

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