ALIGN | Issue No. 41


Back in 1965, the iconic Charlie Brown Christmas Special came out. Now famous for its jazzy tunes and uplifting story, the program is such a classic that it’s played during the Christmas season every single year.

But it almost didn’t make it past production. The very heart of the story comes when the hapless Charlie Brown shouts, “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?!” Linus then enters the stage and recites verses of the real Christmas story from Luke’s gospel—the story of new parents and mighty angels; the story of poor shepherds and wealthy Magi; the story of heavenly hosts and God made child, wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger.

The New York network executives didn’t like the Bible reading and explicit religious message in the program. Then, just like now, they didn’t know what really matters to the American people.

But Peanuts creator Charles Schulz stuck to his guns, and the Gospel was read on network TV. Audiences loved it, and still do.

There’s a good lesson in there for us. Our values are more popular than those in power might make it seem. We speak for more people than we may realize.

That’s why here at ALIGN, we don’t just wish that you have a relaxing break and a happy holiday. We rejoice in the birth of a savior, and we wish you and your families a very, merry Christmas.

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