ALIGN | Issue No. 42


New Year’s Day is fast approaching. It’s time for sequin outfits, cheap party hats, and adults forcing themselves to stay up until 12:01am before they can respectably call it quits. Whether you’re relieved by the coming close of 2021, hopeful in the coming of 2022, or just looking for an excuse to pop a bottle of bubbly with some friends, there is one standard feature of just about every New Years’ party: booze!

Below, you’ll find a few top American companies that sell all types of alcoholic enjoyments. We will warn you though—you won’t find a drop of French champagne on the list. After all, surrender shouldn’t be the first act of your new year.

The Better Alternative

If you’re on the hunt for some beer and wine for your festivities, take a pass on low-quality, mass-produced two buck chuck or Budweiser, which has a decades-long partnership with gay activist organizations. We have some much better options for you instead.

We the People wines are American-made and dedicated to conservative values. They donate a portion of their profits to the Working Warriors Foundation to help veterans find employment. There’s also LaGrow Organic Beer Company, which is owned by a team of three brothers and focuses on fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Source: LaGrow Organic Beer Co. Facebook

Business Spotlight

No matter what kind of liquor you prefer, you can easily find good, American-made options. Long gone are the days where the only high-quality booze came from outside the country. 

For example, for all the sturdy bourbon drinkers out there, Freedom Whisky Co.  and Black Patch Distilling Co. are solid, veteran-owned distillers. Oak & Eden is another great bourbon maker—Texas-made with a classic oak finish and a faith-filled mission.

For the clear-liquor drinkers out there, Hawaii has a couple of great choices from small companies. Ocean Organic Vodka in Maui not only distills a fine spirit, they also partner with ocean conservation programs that help keep Hawaii the beautiful natural paradise that it is. Meanwhile, Koloa Rum Co. uses locally sourced sugarcane to make a delightful drink from the quiet island of Kauai.

Source: Koloa Rum Co. Facebook

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