ALIGN | Issue No. 43


It’s a new year, which means Americans across the country have started facing up to the cold January realization that maybe a new fitness routine or gym membership could be worthwhile after overindulging in sweets, booze, and couch time over the Christmas holiday. But it’s best not to buy any old gym membership or workout equipment. Unfortunately, chances are if you go to the closest chain of gyms or buy the most popular stationary bike, your attempts to build up your own muscles will also serve to strengthen the woke regime.

Don’t let them earn money off the sweat of your brow! Below we’ve got some great options to work out in ways that build America up instead of tearing it down.

The Better Alternative

We did a lot of searching to find a good, accessible gym chain to recommend to our readers, but sadly many of the biggest names are too far gone. The chairman of the parent company of Equinox and SoulCycle, Stephen Ross, was shamefully and publicly denounced by the companies he oversees after holding a fundraiser to support President Trump’s reelection. The CEO of Planet Fitness made some small donations to Trump without being targeted by his own company, but the company itself proudly waves the rainbow flag. Meanwhile, popular gyms like Crunch Fitness push pride and BLM propaganda.

Thankfully, we’ve got an innovative, values-driven, and free alternative. It’s called F3—a network of peer-led workouts for men held across the country focusing on fitness, fellowship, and faith. It’s designed not only to improve your health, but also establish a mission-oriented male community. Check out President of F3 Frank Schwartz’s interview with our friend Aaron Renn to learn more.

If you’re a man looking for full-on physical, moral, and spiritual renewal, Exodus 90 is an intense program that includes prayer, physical asceticism, and fraternity. It’s not for the faint of heart, but by all accounts it will make a man out of you.

Do you know of any workout organizations for women or aligned gyms or fitness communities that we’ve missed? Please let us know!

Business Spotlight

If you’re searching for a home workout, forget Peloton—which is proactively race-obsessed, allegedly forces employees to undergo “antiracist” training, and bans hashtags on its platform that the radical left doesn’t like, such as #AllLivesMatter and #LetsGoBrandon (of course, #DefundThePolice is allowed).

Wright Equipment is a much better workout equipment alternative. Featuring rigs, racks, cardio equipment, bars, and much more, Wright Equipment has what you need and manufactures a large number of items down in Alabama.

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