ALIGN | Issue No. 44


It’s over! The mad rush to prepare for Christmas, spend quality time with family members, and make it to the end of the year is done. We’ve got almost two full weeks of January under our belt, and for the first time in a month (or more?) it feels like we actually have a brief moment to take a breath and survey the field. 

If you still have a few stray Christmas decorations up, if all the family photos from the holiday are spread at random across a dozen phones, or if your storage closet looks more like a hurricane disaster zone than a Marie Kondo-designed home of order and peace, well, you’re not the only one. There’s no shame in it, but human beings weren’t meant to live in disorder. It’s time to put some structure back into our lives, and we have just the tools to help you do it.

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The Better Alternative

Few areas in our life seem to get more quickly out of hand than the digital world. Sometimes there are just too many documents, data, pictures, emails, and files to deal with. Add to that our continual concerns about privacy and the fact that the vast majority of tech companies seem proactively bent on corrupting our children, disrupting our lives, and destroying America, and it can all feel like a little too much to deal with. Decoupling yourself from the harmful tech giants may be a slow process, but it’s worth the effort.

When it comes to management of all of your online data, you have more options than the big players (and leftwing activists orgs) like Google Drive or Dropbox. Instead, Opendrive is one option. They can integrate with almost any operating system, and they don’t shove leftwing propaganda in your face. ownCloud is another good choice that even allows you to host your cloud on your own server for extra protection.

Business Spotlight

To get your life in order in the physical and digital realm, perhaps nothing is more useful than a planner. Now, you could go to Walmart, Target, or Amazon to purchase some probably made-in-China planner that further lines the pockets of big, global corporations. Or you could support a high-quality, smaller American company that’s been producing incredible paper products from Tacoma, Washington, for over 100 years.

I think we know which one you’ll choose. Rite in the Rain really does create amazing products. Designed to withstand the wetness of the Pacific Northwest, their notebooks, paper, planners, covers, and more are American made at its finest. Founded by loggers, Rite in the Rain is trusted by national park rangers, military service members, construction workers, deep sea divers, and everyday Americans everywhere.

Source: Rite in the Rain Facebook

The Bigger Picture

Ruy Texeira finds some reason for hope in a post on The Commons, a blog by American Compass.

“The left has not performed as well as one might expect, given the poor performance of free-market capitalism in the 21st century. Even the financial crisis of 2008–09 did not spur any real realignment of voters toward the left. Nor have—so far—the twin economic and health crises brought on by the COVID pandemic. What has gone wrong?”

He answers:

“The public just isn’t interested in buying what the left is selling…. Durable mass support for the left will not emerge unless and until it radically revamps its offering, abandoning the unhealthy and unpopular obsessions that consume its attention and distract from actual solutions.”

Apparently hectoring people as racists, condemning them for their skin color, preaching continual global doom, and all the other leftwing proclivities just aren’t that compelling. That doesn’t mean the right will win. But it does provide a great opening for us.

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