ALIGN | Issue No. 46


People on the right (or heck, even just people who don’t completely embrace tech totalitarianism) know that Google isn’t on our side. Google tracks us in stunning detail, it manipulates our search results, and it reads our emails. Yet when you ask someone for their personal email, most times when they spell it out, it ends with “”

The same thing happens with browsers. You may not prefer to use Google to search for everything, but what are you supposed to do, Ask Jeeves? Is that even around? You could always go with Microsoft Edge, but that doesn’t feel like much of an improvement.

A few years back, we wouldn’t have had many alternatives to recommend to you—well, at least not alternatives that were easily accessible and user friendly. But we live in a different world today. So read on and find out how you can start to purge Google from your life!

The Better Alternative

Two email providers stand as clear alternatives to the dominant Gmail and other “why-do-these-still-exist” providers like AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Our personal favorite is ProtonMail. Secure, encrypted, private, and easy to use, ProtonMail has an overt commitment to protecting our civil liberties which are so frequently threatened.

Another good option is Fastmail. While they don’t have the same free, limited-storage plan as ProtonMail, Fastmail does have a free 30-day trial along with a strong commitment to privacy. No matter your choice, neither will sell your data to advertisers who are just a little too interested in the nitty, gritty details of your private correspondence.

Business Spotlight

Building a search engine is extremely difficult, which is why there are so few good alternatives to Google. But when Google directs your search results to what they want you to see and prevents you from seeing what they don’t want you to see, it makes you wonder if they’re missing the point of having a search engine in the first place. Thankfully, smart folks out there didn’t just build a workable alternative to Google. They built something better. It’s called DuckDuckGo.

If you want clear, unbiased access to the information that the internet has to offer, download and start using the browser DuckDuckGo. They don’t track you, they block advertisements, they respect your privacy, and they are completely unbiased.

Give it a try. We promise you won’t miss Google for a second.

Source: DuckDuckGo Facebook

The Bigger Picture

I’m sure you saw our email earlier this week slamming Carhartt for their feckless decision to impose a vaccine mandate on their employees even though it’s not required by law. Please forgive us for mentioning it one last time—it just really has us fired up. (After all, even woke Starbucks reversed their vaccine mandate after Biden’s power grab was struck down.) We just wanted to take an opportunity to point out a great response to the Carhartt betrayal.

After he learned about the clothing company’s vaccine mandate, conservative broadcaster Jack Posobiec offered to give Carhartt competitors free ads on his show in response to what he called “Economic Warfare.” It’s good to remember that we weren’t the ones who turned every purchase into a political battlefield. But if it’s a war, then we intend to win.

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