ALIGN | Issue No. 48


Yes, football is now gay: The NFL literally told us so last summer. Yes, the highest paid athletes in the world commonly complain they are victims of oppression. Yes, players kneel for America’s national anthem and the league has started playing two national anthems segregated by race. We could go on and on: We’re sure we’re not the only ones who have tuned out of more than our fair share of games this season, upset that the NFL appears to hate football’s most ardent fans.

But we know many of you, just like many of us, will still be watching the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. Maybe it’s a sense of hope that the NFL can someday drop the BS and just celebrate America and a great game. Maybe we don’t want to just let go of everything and let the left destroy it. So while we know that some of the ads are going to be cringeworthy propaganda and that the announcers will definitely gush over the NFL’s commitment to “social justice,” we’ll still be there for the game.

The left may try to politicize everything. But as for us, we plan to just crack a cold one and watch some giant men pummel each other.

The Better Alternative

Speaking of cracking a cold one, take a pause before you stock up for the game with woke beer giants like Budweiser or Michelob. Most big brewers aren’t exactly on our side, but there is one regional powerhouse that has gained national prominence over the years and hasn’t succumbed to the left. It’s called Shiner, and if you haven’t had one, then you haven’t been to God’s country here in Texas. Operating from the tiny town of Shiner, Texas, (population just over 2,000) for the past 113 years, Shiner now distributes its high-quality brews and seltzers throughout the United States.

If you have kids or want to enjoy a nonalcoholic option yourself, Boylan Bottling Co. craft sodas are a great choice. With classic flavors like root beer and cream soda, Boylan has offered incredible Made in the USA quality since 1891.

Business Spotlight

It wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without snacks, too. We recommend you fill your table up with craft beer pretzels from Boardwalk Food Company. It’s a great bar snack, and they make it from scratch in the U.S.A.

You should also enjoy some good ‘ole American chili from Custard Stand Chili. Put it on a hot dog or eat it on its own, however you enjoy it, you know you do so while supporting a great West Virginia company.

The Bigger Picture

Can you see the dominos falling? The UK removed a large number of its Covid travel restrictions, even those imposed on the unvaccinated. The Canadian trucker protest has continued unabated, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s support is starting to crack. The governors of eight leftwing Meccas (California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island) announced plans to end mask mandates–and even Commissar Fauci said pandemic restrictions could end this year

We can’t let up pressure. But for the first time in a while, it really does feel like we will make it through this totalitarian mess after two long years of intolerable treatment by power-hungry politicians. Many suspect that those in power saw some drastic polls revealing Americans are completely done with masks and mandates. It turns out “do as you’re told” isn’t a winning political strategy in the Land of the Free.


If you haven’t listened already, tune in to our second ALIGN podcast featuring Ben Davis. Ben is the owner of Rascal Man, a chain of high-end men’s barbershops and purveyor of fine grooming products helping make schlubs into gentlemen.

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