ALIGN | Issue No. 49


It’s the middle of February, which means everyone is officially tired of winter, but the vast majority of the country still has quite a few cold weeks or even months ahead. To make it through the final stretch of the winter doldrums, we’ve cultivated a fine list of cozy winter comforts from some great American companies. If it’s warm where you are and you don’t need any blankets, downs, or woolens, well, perhaps you know a brave trucker way up north in Canada who could use a care package.

The Better Alternative

Please don’t buy your blankets or linens from places like Kohl’s or Bed Bath & Beyond (which both dropped sales of My Pillow because founder Mike Lindell had the audacity to meet with the former sitting president of the United States), or, heaven forbid, Amazon (I don’t think we even need a citation to describe how terrible Amazon is).

We’ve got some better options. Brahms Mount has all sorts of high-quality blankets, linens, throws, and towels manufactured in the textile tradition of the great state of Maine. You can also find down pillows, comforters, mattress pads and all types of other sleeping items at Cuddledown. Not only do they manufacture in the U.S.A., they also have a comforter sale going on right now so you can get yourself warm at a discount.

Source: Cuddledown Facebook

Business Spotlight

Have you ever tried a weighted blanket before? If you have, we don’t need to sell you on it. If you haven’t, trust us—just give it a shot sometime. We don’t know the science behind it, but it is incredibly relaxing and pretty much guaranteed to reduce stress. Check out Mosaic Weighted Blankets, which has tons of different styles and weights while proudly being made in the U.S.A.

If you’ve got some kiddos that need a cuddly way to warm up, Warmies sells stuffed animals that you can safely pop in the microwave and hand over to your chilly child for some ridiculously cute cuddle time.

Other great cozy items can be found at Pacas, which produces items—especially socks—using the egregiously soft wool from alpacas. The brothers who founded Pacas started with a beautiful mission as well: they wanted to provide soft and warm socks for kids in children’s hospitals. Today, they partner with hospitals across the country to do just that.

Source: Warmies Facebook

The Bigger Picture


Some of the folks behind New Founding (the company producing ALIGN) also run American Firebrand, a political organization dedicated to serving as the voice of the American people and taking back our country.

We’re proud to share THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY with Paige Willey, an explosive new podcast by American Firebrand. As a former Trump White House adviser, Paige draws on her experience in Washington to deliver a deep dive into the dysfunction facing our country and to outline the way forward to restore our nation’s promise.

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“Paige believes the great questions of our time will not be resolved with talking points and platitudes. THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY gets straight to the heart of the matter: Americans deserve a champion. The promise of our nation is slipping away. It’s time to build the great American revival.”

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