ALIGN | Issue No. 50


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you’re bound to find your kids or siblings pilfering snacks from the pantry, where mom’s cooking inevitably draws a crowd, and where sometimes there are so many people at family gatherings that someone feels comfortable enough to hop up and sit right on the counter. Food brings life, and people will always gather with the ones they love wherever the food is being cooked.

It doesn’t matter what you cook nearly as much as who you’re cooking with (or cooking for). But that being said, you do need to prepare food with something. The next time you draw in the loving company of family and friends with a good meal, prepare your feast with some items from these great American companies below.

The Better Alternative

From stores to outfit your first apartment to high-end retailers that cater to true chefs, the marketplace for kitchenware is filled with companies that, sadly, don’t share our values. On the affordable end, places like Ikea push the “pride campaign” with an obnoxiously heavy hand, while fancier retailers like Williams-Sonoma peddle the extremely divisive ideology of “racial equity,” which we all know is the opposite of actual equality.

Thankfully, there are many great alternatives out there. For example, John Boos is an over 130-year-old company founded in Illinois that produces high quality countertops, cutting boards, butcher blocks and worktables. There’s also Anchor Hocking, an Ohio company founded in 1905 that sells all your kitchen essentials from food storage to bakeware to plates and glasses.

Source: Anchor Hocking Facebook

Business Spotlight

If you’re on the lookout for some high quality, specialty items, New West KnifeWorks crafts what has been called the “Cadillac” of kitchen knives. Their knives are produced in the tiny town of Victor, Idaho, on the Wyoming border—and they will last you a lifetime.

Little Griddle is also a great producer from just outside of Detroit, Michigan, that makes light, durable cookware like skillets and griddles that can be used outside on the grill or inside in the kitchen.

Source: Little Griddle Facebook

The Bigger Picture

If all this talk about kitchenware and cooking makes you wish you could get outside and do something that demands a utility knife instead of a cheese knife, then we have some exciting news for you.

It’s a new newsletter called American Man, a publication from New Founding produced by our friend Aaron Renn, author of the immensely popular newsletter The Masculinist. In a culture that has become hostile to men and masculinity, American Man is a 100% free weekly newsletter filled with inspiration and information that will build you up as a man with curated recommendations for products, reading material, and lifestyle advice. Sign up now and learn more about it here!

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