Press Statement | January 24, 2022

Dear Readers, 

In last week’s issue of ALIGN, you saw a preview of our stand against Carhartt’s oppressive vaccine mandate. As a regular, you know we work to build up companies that love our country and hold ones to account that are hostile to its people.

Today, we released this statement publicly to inform companies hoping to make money off of you that anti-American decisions have consequences.

We will continue to build a movement of pro-American businesses and we’re delighted that you are a part of it.


Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling that freed companies from imposing unconstitutional vaccine mandates on workers, a memo circulated on social media last week revealed that Carhartt, beloved maker of outdoor working attire, is doubling down. 

Instead of embracing their company’s treasured values of rugged individualism, strength, and freedom, they will keep forcing employees to comply with a weak and misguided policy. By betraying their workers, their loyal customers, and their ethos, Carhartt is only hurting themselves.

It’s time for new brands to rise as the old ones falter and fall. 

Boycotts and backlash show Americans are done being pushed around. An ecosystem of businesses and consumers is springing up to build a pro-American economy. It will serve Americans, whether investing, buying, selling, hiring, or job-seeking, who want their transactions to reflect their values—free from the hectoring assaults and manipulations of woke tyrants.

New Founding is an investment and media firm leading this movement. We invite all concerned Americans to join us.

It’s time to make the switch to Kennesaw Co. 

ALIGN readers will remember that Kennesaw is a featured New Founding brand. Named for the iconic Georgia town of Kennesaw—where all households are required by law to own a gun—Kennesaw Co. offers beautifully crafted, high-performance menswear that proudly embraces the values and traditions we love. Now available: our iconic Kennesaw quilted zip-front vest with cow nubuck leather trim features two interior concealed carry pockets and comes with a detachable velcro holster. New items are coming soon! Shop now.

Freedom, liberty, an honest day’s work, the great outdoors, the beauty of the American way of life: these are not just ideas we celebrate. They are the foundation of what makes our country great.

Unlike Carhartt, Kennesaw will always support the right of all Americans to make their own decisions about vaccines and medical treatment.

Building the Movement

We’re just getting started. There’s much more to come. Invite your friends to sign up for the ALIGN newsletter and subscribe to our podcast to stop buying products and services from people who hate you—and to learn more about businesses aligned with our values. 

For more information about Kennesaw Co. and this growing movement, contact Bart Lomont, President of New Founding’s Principal Investments.

Bart Lomont is President of Principal Investments, the investment arm of New Founding, as well as the host of New Founding’s ALIGN podcast. In each of these roles, Bart showcases and supports businesses and business owners who love America and stand up for American values. Contact Bart and his team at

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