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Source: Company Facebook Products: Advocacy Organization Against Woke Capitalism  About the Company: Educating consumers to make informed decisions that align their dollars with their values, empowering them to impact corporate/organization activism... Read more    

 Technology & Services

Source: Company Facebook Products: Banking Services  About the Company: At 2ndVote Advisers (2VA), they believe that companies focused on shareholder returns are better for investors than companies focused on political activism or social agendas. The 2VA investment strategy is consistent with the view of renowned economist Milton Freidman that a business’ first responsibility is to generate returns for its shareholders... read more.

 Technology & Services

Source: Alchemy Goods Facebook  Products: "Upcycled" Goods About the Company: Sustainably designed and made in the USA, Alchemy Goods makes high-quality "upcycled" items such as backpacks, belts, purses, wallets, and more... Read more

 Apparel & Accessories

Source: Company Facebook Products: Home Furniture About the Company: American Furniture Warehouse is a family-owned business and one of the top retail furniture companies in the United States... read more.   

 Home Goods /  Colorado

Source: Company Facebook Products: Metal Whistles  About the Company: The only manufacturer of metal whistles in the USA. Located in Columbus, OH, The American Whistle Corporation is a manufacturer of the finest whistles around... Read more

 Sports & Recreation /  Ohio

Source: Company Facebook Products: Drinkware and Glassware About the Company: Founded in 1905, Anchor Hocking provides durable and design-inspired glass products for cooking, entertaining, and home decor... Read more 

 Home Goods /  Massachusetts

Source: Company Facebook Products: Custom Cheesecakes About the Company: "And I Like It" makes decadently, delicious, sugarless individual cheesecakes that are gluten-free, high protein, high fiber, and low net carbs... Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Texas

Products: Gourmet Chocolate About the Company: At Asher’s Chocolate Co., we understand that one of life’s sweetest pleasures is a simple box of chocolates. A family-owned-and-operated business, we’ve been making... Read more

 Food & Beverage /  New Jersey

Source: Company Facebook Products: All Varieties of Furniture and Home Goods  About the Company: Ashley Furniture offers an easy shopping experience where the customer can grab, go, and assemble with ease…Read more

 Home Goods /  Wisconsin

Source: Authentically American Facebook  Products: Made in USA Clothing for all ages About the Company: In 2017, Dean Wegner created Authentically American® to help bring manufacturing jobs back to America by selling premium, competitively priced, apparel that is ALL Made in USA, no exceptions... Read more 

 Apparel & Accessories

Source: Company Facebook Products: Natural Ingredients Cosmetics About the Company: Averr Aglow celebrates women’s beauty through flawless skin with natural, wholesome ingredients... Read more

 Personal Care /  South Carolina

Source: Company Facebook Products: Hiking & Backpacking Food About the Company: Backpackers Pantry has provided nutrient-rich foods for the hungry outdoorsmen since 1951... Read more

 Sports & Recreation /  Colorado

Source: Company Facebook Products: All-purpose Outdoors Gear; Hunting, Fishing, Camping, and More About the Company: Bass Pro Shops has become one of America’s premier outdoor retailers with destination outdoor retail stores across America and Canada, serving over 75 million sportsmen a year... Read more

 Sports & Recreation /  Georgia

Products: Whiskey About the Company: In 2007, during his son’s first combat deployment, our master distiller, Gary Cooper, made his son’s favorite whiskey. Having been a fanatical brewer and distiller for over a decade, Gary spent the time his son was deployed to perfect a whiskey to his son’s standard...  Read more on the Black Patch Distilling Co website


Source: Company Facebook  Products: Beer Bread and Snack Mixes About the Company: Ever crave the perfect pretzel to go along with your favorite beer? So do we. We're Kim and Andy, and we love bar snacks just as much as we love beer...  Read more on the Boardwalk Food Co website

 Food & Beverage /  Florida

Source: Company Facebook Products: Handcrafted Wooden Goods & Furniture About the Company: A purchase from Boniface is a vote for human-scaled craftsmanship, heirloom quality, classic design, and enduring beauty... Read more  

 Home Goods /  Utah

Source: Bottle Breacher Facebook Products: Veteran and Patriotic Themed Accessories About the Company: A small, family-owned business, Bottle Breacher offers unique items for a wide range of customers and employs many veterans... Read more

 Apparel & Accessories /  Arizona

Source: Boylan Bottling Company Facebook Products: Sodas & Seltzers About the Company: Boylan today is best known for its full line of hand-crafted sodas, ranging from our core four Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Black Cherry and Creme sodas, to other popular flavors, including Cane Cola, Orange and Grape. Read more on the Boylan Bottling website

 Food & Beverage /  New Jersey

Source: Brahms Mount Facebook Products: Blankets & Throws About the Company: Classically beautiful, wonderfully comfortable and grounded in the authentic character of the centuries-old textile tradition of Maine, Brahms Mount has been capturing the hearts of customers since the company was founded in 1983... Read more

 Home Goods /  Maine

Source: Company Facebook Products: Web Browser and Privacy Tools  About the Company: Brave is on a mission to protect your privacy online. We make a suite of internet privacy tools—including our browser and search engine—that shield you from the ads, trackers, and other creepy stuff trying to follow you across the web... Read more

 Technology & Services

Source: Brave American Facebook  Products: Patriotic-Themed Decorations About the Company: A small business based out of the Midwest, Brave American takes seriously its mission to provide good jobs to military veterans and provide excellent decorations with great customer service. Read more at their website. 

 Sports & Recreation /  Illinois

Source: Company Facebook Products: Candles & Fragrances  About the Company: Broken Top Candle Company is a lifestyle brand of affordable luxury. Founded in 2015 as a candle company, it has grown past its name, offering an array of home and personal care products including candles, linen sprays, lotions, soaps, sanitizers, diffusers, and perfumes... read more. 

 Home Goods

Source: Company Facebook Products: Custom Knives  About the Company: Buck Knives is a 4th generation family owned company located in Post Falls, ID, striving to provide customers with the best knives possible and always back each knife with a Forever Warranty... Read more

 Sports & Recreation /  Idaho

Products: Cheese, Dairy Products About the Company:  Cabot farmers have always believed that delicious products are the reward of a job well done. And that by working together, we can dream bigger, achieve more, and build a stronger tomorrow... Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Texas

Source: Company Website Products: Self-Publishing using Bitcoin  About the Company: An alternative self-publishing solution utilizing the Bitcoin blockchain. Buy & sell unique books from unique authors, including James Poulos' Human Forever...  Read more

 Technology & Services

Source: Company Facebook Products: Internet Blocking Software for Parents  About the Company: Canopy empowers you to protect your family online, just like you do in real life... Read more

 Technology & Services

Products: Chocolate covered fruit and nut confections, Chocolate truffles About the Company: Cape Cod Provisions was founded in 1996 on Cape Cod, a major cranberry growing region and the birthplace of commercial cranberry harvesting in the early 1800’s...  Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Massachusetts

Source: Company Facebook Products: Handbags About the Company: A unique line of thoughtfully designed handbags, totes, travel bags, and accessories for the gal on the go! Proudly made in America... Read more

 Sports & Recreation /  California

Source: Colonial Flag Facebook Product: Flags and Flag Accessories About the Company: We are one of the most respected flag and flagpole companies in the United States. We are proud of our great flag, the greatest single symbol of what our country stands for, and take pride in providing you with your flag, flagpole, and flag accessories. Read more at their website. 

 Sports & Recreation /  Utah

Source: Company Facebook Products: Online Directory of Conservative Mental Health Professionals  About the Company: Half of Americans have Conservative Values, yet approximately 90% of therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists are guided by a Liberal and even Socialist Value System; creating a barrier for Conservatives who would prefer talking with a professional who supports their values.  This directory is meant to reduce barriers and provide support for Americans who are currently underserved... Read more

 Technology & Services

Source: Company Facebook Products: Tools & Axes  About the Company: Council Tool produces American Made striking tool, industrial and fire fighting hand tools. Located in Lake Waccamaw, NC... Read more

 Sports & Recreation

Source: Cuddledown Facebook Products: Bedding About the Company: Cuddledown is a company committed to making and selling the finest in home furnishings. The quality of our products, combined with our devotion to great customer service, makes us the premiere source for all things cozy... Read more.

 Home Goods /  Massachusetts

Source: Dainty Jewells Facebook Products: Dresses and Women's Wear About the Company: Based out of the Pacific Northwest, Dainty Jewells is a family owned, woman-run business deeply committed to give back to our community and operating with excellence in all they do. Dainty Jewell's has been working to make women and girls all over the world feel beautiful through our feminine designs for over 12 years... Read more on the Dainty Jewells website

 Apparel & Accessories /  Alaska

Source: Company Facebook  Products: Soy Wax Candles About the Company: Hand poured in North Carolina and headquartered in Louisiana, Oreck Pure Air Candles have strong Southern roots... read more here. 

 Home Goods

Source: Dearborn Denim Facebook  Products: Jeans & Denim Clothing About the Company: As a family owned & operated small business, Dearborn Denim creates exceptional denim apparel, shaped with classic cuts since 2016. All clothing is designed and made in the USA, supporting local communities in the Midwest... Read more 

 Apparel & Accessories

Source: Company Facebook Products: Custom Soaps & Body Wash About the Company: Dissident Soaps goes to great lengths to ensure that we partner with family-owned businesses and suppliers that share our values, and pay American workers to make their products in the USA... read more.

 Personal Care

Products: Italian imports About the Company: After years of struggling to find familiar Italian foods in the United States, Vincenzo Di Piazza decided he had enough! So he booked a trip to Sicily to meet producers of the best Italian foods... Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Missouri

Products: Handcrafted Confections About the Company: In 1871, Claus Doscher created the first Doscher’s handcrafted candy cane in Cincinnati, Ohio. His process involved using real peppermint oil, cooking small batches in copper kettles...  Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Ohio

Source: Company Facebook Products: Men's Grooming & Fragrances  About the Company:  Duke Cannon’s purpose is simple: to make superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men... read more

 Personal Care /  Tennessee

Source: Duluth Pack Facebook  Products: American-made Travel Bags and Backpacks About the Company: Duluth Pack was created in the northern forests of Minnesota. Duluth Pack is the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack manufacturer in the US.  Since 1882, Duluth Pack has blazed the trail for manufacturing quality outdoor gear in America.  Duluth handcrafts premium American made canvas and leather outdoor gear, packs, bags, and hunting equipment that is guaranteed for life... Read more

 Apparel & Accessories /  Indiana

Source: Dunn  Brothers Coffee Facebook Products: Coffee and Coffee Shops About the Company: Dunn Brothers believes in offering our customers exceptional coffees while rewarding the farmer, protecting the environment, and bettering our communities. Read more at their website. 

 Food & Beverage

Source: Company Facebook Products: Wellness and Natural Cosmetics About the Company: Earthley Wellness believes that health is sacred, and so very personal.  Every individual should be empowered to care for him or herself and take care of his/her body alone... read more

 Personal Care /  Illinois

Source: Company Facebook Products: Women's Fashion Magazine (Digital and Print)  About the Company: Millions of women across America have been forgotten by the publishing world. They’re tired of having to go to trashy or politically biased sites and magazines just to get quality reads on health, beauty, and more. We believe that if you seek truth, you’ll find beauty… the kind that really matters. So if you’re looking for honest advice, Evie will be there for you... Read more

 Technology & Services

Source: Company Facebook Products: Fitness, Faith, Fellowship Groups for Men About the Company: F3 is a national network including 3,269 free, peer-led workouts for men in 249 regions. Their mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership...  Read more on the F3 Nation website

 Sports & Recreation /  Texas

Source: Company Facebook Products: Private Email Services  About the Company: Protect yourself from tracking, data leaks, and spammers with plenty of alternative addresses that keep your main address private. Use your own domain, create email aliases or Masked Email... Read more

 Technology & Services

Products: Grass Fed Meat About the Company: Force of Nature is on a mission to improve our environment and health through regenerative agriculture while answering the community's call for food raised in a way that truly aligns with....  Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Texas

Products: Whiskey & Gin About the Company: On a summer day in Helmand Province, Afghanistan (2011), Freedom Whiskey Co. was born. The Marines of Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion, 10th Marines engaged enemy forces with a barrage of artillery shells...  Read more on the Freedom Whiskey Co website


Source: Fresh Roasted Coffee Facebook Products: Gourmet Coffee About the Company: Since their founding in 2009, Fresh Roasted Coffee's passion has always been bringing you gourmet coffees from all over the world, roasted fresh to order in eco-friendly Loring™ Smart Roasters. Read more here. 

 Food & Beverage /  California

Source: Company Facebook Products: Outdoor Leather Backpacks and Accessories About the Company: Frost River handcrafts heritage-style bags and packs at their shop in Duluth, MN. Frost River builds bags to the standards of those who came before. They took generations of necessity and turned it into something that is somehow new and old at the same time... Read more  

 Sports & Recreation /  Vermont

Products: Gourmet Small Batch Popcorn About the Company: Over two decades ago, a woman had a simple goal: make delicious and craveable popcorn for her friends and family... Read more on the Funky Chunky website

 Food & Beverage /  Minnesota

Source: Company Facebook Products: Premium Teas About the Company: Gold River Trading Co., an American beverage company, is the perfect choice for Americans who enjoy a delicious cup or glass of tea. Start your day with Gold River’s invigorating American Breakfast Blend, cool down with a pitcher of crisp & refreshing Iced Tea, or unwind with Chamomile Herbal tea. Explore a variety of high-quality blends and enjoy a healthy, flavorful beverage from an American company that shares your values... Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Texas

Source: Company Facebook Products: Cast Iron Cookware About the Company: A 5th generation family-owned company with 138 years of American-made industrial cast iron experience, producing durable, top quality machined ductile iron castings... read more here. 

 Home Goods /  New York

Products: Peanuts About the Company: The Good Earth Peanut Company started the way a lot of businesses start, as an idea. Since the Vincent family settled in this area in the early 1700’s, we tilled the soil and raised crops... Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Virginia

Source: HERO Beverage Facebook Products: Coffee and other beverages About the Company: The HERO Beverage Company is a first responder owned and operated company serving specialty coffee to people who love supporting our American Heroes. Read more here. 

 Food & Beverage /  Montana

Source: Hobby Lobby Facebook Products: Home Decorations and Project Materials. About the Company: Hobby Lobby offers over 70,000 items featuring home decor, seasonal decor, tableware, floral, art supplies, craft supplies, yarn, fabric, jewelry making, hobbies and much more. Read more at their website. 

 Sports & Recreation /  Massachusetts

Source: Holistic and Hopeful Facebook  Products: Homemade Natural Beauty Products About the Company: Holisitc and Hopeful is a small business providing natural, herb-based products to assist in health & beauty...  Read more on the Holistic and Hopeful website

 Personal Care /  Texas

Source: Hope Outfitters Facebook Products: Men's and Women's Apparel About the Company: Hope Outfitters is a small, family-run business that is deeply devoted to its charitable work. 100% of its profits go back to causes they support, and the family uses the business as a way to spread the Gospel and authentically live their faith to influence the lives of the less fortunate in positive ways... Read more on the Hope Outfitters website

 Apparel & Accessories

Source: Company Facebook Products: Ultra-light Hammocks About the Company: Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Hummingbird Hammocks is now fully operational and located in Monument, Colorado... Read more

 Sports & Recreation

Products: Gourmet Chocolate About the Company: John & Kira's chocolate creations are made with the finest ingredients sourced from urban gardens and small family farms around the world... Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Pennsylvania

Source: Company Facebook Products: Cutting Boards and Stainless Steel Kitchenware About the Company: With over 125 years of adaptation to the markets, John Boos & Co. has become a primary provider of gourmet products and foodservice equipment throughout the industry... read more. 

 Home Goods /  Montana

Source: John's Crazy Socks Facebook Products: Custom Socks About the Company: John’s Crazy Socks is a father-son social enterprise inspired by John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome, and his love of colorful and fun socks, or what he calls his “crazy socks.” Many of the proceeds go to charitable causes, such as supporting children with Downs Syndrome... Read more

 Apparel & Accessories /  New York

Source: Johnson Woolen Mills Facebook Products: American-Made Woolen Apparel About the Company: In 1842, Johnson Woolen Mills began producing fabric from the wool of local sheep. Backed by nearly 2 centuries of tradition, four generations of Vermont ownership and the pride of being hand-crafted in the USA, Johnson Woolen Mills is a world-wide source for rugged woolen outer wear for today's modern lifestyle... Read More

 Apparel & Accessories

Source: Jolie & Elizabeth Facebook Products: Designer Dresses and Women's Apparel About the Company: Drawing inspiration from the heart of the deep south, New Orleans; over a pitcher of sweet tea and a messy shrimp 'po boy, Jolie & Elizabeth was born. Jolie & Elizabeth designs high quality, southern-inspired women's wear... Read More

 Apparel & Accessories

Source: Company Facebook  Products: All things Popcorn About the Company: From our humble beginnings in a small-town seed store, to our family-run facility of today, JOLLY TIME Pop Corn has a long history as the “Official Snack of Happiness.” ... Read more  

 Food & Beverage /  Iowa

Source: Company Facebook Products: Outdoor Party Games About the Company: Kan Jam is the number one outdoor party game with an extensive product line up including: Kan Jam Pro, Kan Jam Splash, Illuminate, and more... Read more

 Sports & Recreation /  New Jersey

Source: Kennesaw Co. Facebook Products: Concealed Carry Vests About the Company: Named for the iconic Georgia town of Kennesaw—where all households are required by law to own a gun—Kennesaw Co. offers beautifully crafted, high-performance menswear that proudly embrace the values and American traditions we love...  Read more 

 Apparel & Accessories /  Georgia

Pillow case

 North Carolina

Source: Koloa Rum Company Facebook Products: Premium Rum About the Company: The Kōloa Rum Company is a single-batch, craft distiller and bottler of premium Hawaiian rums. Read more here. 

 Food & Beverage /  Washington

Source: LaGrow Organic Beer Facebook Products: Craft Beer About the Company:​ Founded in 2016, LaGrow Organic Beer Co. is the result of three brothers cultivating their passion for great beer and a sustainable lifestyle into Chicago's first USDA-certified organic brewery. Read more at their website. 

 Food & Beverage

Source: Company Facebook Products: Children's Book Series  About the Company: Parents across America are concerned…and they should be. Today’s children’s book market is saturated with progressive messaging and pre-packaged talking points. The goal of the Liberty Lane book series is to provide parents and kids a launchpad for conversations about principles... read more. 


Source: Company Facebook Products: Silverware and Kitchen Items  About the Company: Now the only manufacturer of flatware in the United States of America, Liberty Tabletop creates high-quality flatware at a competitive price... read more here. 

 Home Goods /  Texas

Source: Lifetime Leather Facebook Products: Leather Goods About the Company: Lifetime Leather Co. is a family-owned business started in 2011 that handcrafts authentic American leather products, guaranteed for life. The idea of Lifetime Leather started after the owner, Ty Bowman, was in a tragic accident which left him disabled for 3 years. In an increasingly disposable world, he wanted to create quality products that lasted a lifetime... Read More

 Apparel & Accessories /  Arizona

Products: Organic Flour, Organic Flour Mixes About the Company: Lindley Mills' mission and passion is to provide the best organic flour to our customers just as our ancestors would have done more than two centuries ago...  Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Florida

Source: Company Facebook Products: Bike Parts  About the Company: Litespeed takes the highest quality titanium available and makes it better. Litespeed go above and beyond to deliver the most premium cold-worked, cycling-specific tubesets in the world... Read more

 Sports & Recreation /  Kentucky

Source: Little Griddle Facebook Products: Grill-top Cookware About the Company: Since 2000 Little Griddle has provided our customers with amazing grill-top cookware that turns any grill into a complete outdoor kitchen... Read more on the Little Griddle website

 Home Goods /  Michigan

Source: Company Facebook Products: Kitchenware About the Company: LloydPans Kitchenware is a USA-manufacturer of environmentally friendly and toxin-free Bakeware, Cookware, and Pizzaware... read more. 

 Home Goods /  Nebraska

Products: Directory for buying locally grown produce About the Company: LocalHarvest connects people looking for good food with the farmers who produce it. Buying local is about enjoying real food, grown yourself or purchased from people you trust... Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Oregon

Source: Company Facebook Products: All Natural Cleaning Solutions About the Company: Mabel Clean’s mission is simple: to provide scientifically formulated products that could replace the traditional mass-produced products in the construction space... read more.

 Home Goods

Source: Company Facebook Products: Home Goods & Design About the Company: Chip and Joanna Gaines started Magnolia with that simple rallying cry back in 2003. And what was true then is still true today: home is their favorite place to be... read more. 

 Home Goods

Products: Traditional Cheddar Cheese Straws About the Company: When Mom baked her legendary cheese straws in our family’s kitchen in Yazoo City, Mississippi, even the aromas were heavenly, provoking mouthwatering.... Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Mississippi

Source: Mizzen +Main Facebook Products: High Quality Dress Shirts About the Company: Combining lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle resistant fabric with a tailored fit to create "the best damn dress shirt." ... Read More

 Apparel & Accessories

Source: Mosaic Weighted Blankets  Products: Weighted Blankets About the Company: Mosaic Weighted Blankets provide a way to truly calm down at any time of day or night. Once you have one, you will see how you will naturally gravitate to it for longer and better sleep, or to cuddle up with after a stressful day. Read more at their website. 

 Home Goods /  Texas

Source: Company Facebook Products: Premium Jerky  About the Company: Mountain America Jerky is a natural style jerky, hickory smoked to perfection in their Colorado smokehouse daily... Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Colorado

Knives, Cutlery


Source: Company Facebook Products: Skincare Products About the Company: Nimi's products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, women-owned facility in the USA and never tested on animals... read more.

 Personal Care /  Texas

Source: Company Facebook Products: Handmade Baseball Gloves  About the Company: Since 1934, in Nocona, Texas, premium ball gloves have been handcrafted by skilled American workers, using the world’s highest quality leathers... read more 

 Sports & Recreation /  Michigan

Source: Nordic Ware Facebook  Products: Cookware About the Company: Family-owned and largely American-Made since 1946, Nordic Ware produces high quality cooking & baking products you'll enjoy for a lifetime... Read more on the Nordic Ware website

 Home Goods

Source: Oak & Eden Facebook Products: Traditionally Distilled Whiskey About the Company: At Oak & Eden, we follow traditional distillation and aging to the letter, aging our whiskeys for at least three years in American Oak barrels. Read more here.

 Food & Beverage /  Texas

Source: Company Facebook Products: Decentralized Video Sharing Platform  About the Company: Odysee is a video sharing platform that runs on the LBRY decentralized blockchain, which allows creators to earn tokens without being censored or controlled by a central authority... Read more

 Technology & Services /  Wisconsin

Source: Company Facebook Products: Cloud File Storage  About the Company: The idea for OpenDrive started in 2007 when we desperately needed to store data externally and USB dongles were just not large enough. OpenDrive now helps you to not only store data, but also sync, share and collaborate all within one interface and from one login... Read more

 Technology & Services

Source: Company YouTube Products: YouTube Channel focusing on Outdoors and Camping How-To's About the Company: The Outdoor Boys love all things outdoors: family projects and adventures, travel, forging, camping, camp fire cooking, fossil hunting, magnet fishing, metal detecting, and goofing around... read more

 Sports & Recreation /  Maryland

Source: Company Facebook Products: Outdoors Apparel, Gear, and Home Goods About the Company: Offering fine apparel and accessories made with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, with designs inspired by the Sporting Lifestyle.... read more

 Sports & Recreation

Source: Company Facebook Products: Cloud Storage Solutions About the Company: OwnCloud is an open-source file sync, share and content collaboration solution, with which teams can access data easily from anywhere and from any device... Read more

 Technology & Services

Source: Pacas Facebook Products: Alpaca-based Socks and Apparel About the Company: Pacas uses alpaca fur as a unique material to craft uniquely comfy socks...  Read more

 Apparel & Accessories /  Illinois

Source: Company Facebook Products: Heavy-duty Cases & Coolers About the Company: The global leader in protective cases, coolers, drinkware, luggage and advanced lighting systems - ready for any of life’s adventures... read more  

 Sports & Recreation /  California

Source: Company Facebook Products: Cases, Coolers, and Other Outdoors Products  About the Company:  Pelican cases, coolers, and flashlights are used by both consumers and professionals in the most demanding markets including fire safety, law enforcement, defense / military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer... Read more  

 Sports & Recreation /  California

Products: Pistachios, Wine, PistachioLand About the Company: PistachioLand, located outside of Alamogordo, NM is the home of the World's Largest Pistachio, the Pistachio Tree Ranch, and the Arena Blanca Winery.  For those who cannot make the trip to PistachioLand, their online shop has all things pistachios, ready to order.

 Food & Beverage, Sports & Recreation /  New Mexico

Source: Company Facebook Products: Digital Travel Booking  About the Company: Plum Guide is not just a booking platform. It's a benchmark for quality. And in the unruly world of vacation rentals, it's the only mark of quality you'll need ... Read more 

 Sports & Recreation

Source: Company Facebook Products: Digital Banking About the Company: For over 120 years (founded in 1901), Portage Bank has been proudly serving its local community... read more. 

 Technology & Services

Source: Company Facebook Products: Non-College Career Preparation Courses About the Company: At Praxis, you’ll control your future, not some outdated institution that is shielded from the real world... read more. 

 Education /  Michigan

Source: Company Facebook Products: Adoptive Digital Banking About the Company: Quontic is innovative, digital-first, and customer-centric without sacrificing the personal touch... read more.

 Technology & Services

Source: Company Facebook Products: High Quality Luggage and Bags  About the Company: What began as an entrepreneurial dream and an outlet for improving their employment situation quickly grew into much more than just selling a few handbags. Although the company has grown from its humble beginnings in an attic, the mission has remained the same... Read more 

 Sports & Recreation /  Massachusetts

Source: Company Facebook Products: Job Search Website  About the Company: RedBalloon envisions a world where employees are free to work without fear that they will find themselves on the wrong side of their employer’s politics... Read more

 Technology & Services /  California

Source: Company Facebook Products: Soft-Sided Luggage  About the Company: Quality Hand Crafted Soft Sided Luggage built in Billings, Montana - for your spirit of Adventure... Read more

 Sports & Recreation

Source: Company Facebook Products: Bedding & Towels  About the Company: With its roots in the rich, red soil of North Alabama, Redland bed sheets, bath towels, and other home linens are made with the finest homegrown cotton a farm can produce... read more. 

 Home Goods /  Alabama

Source: Company Facebook Products: Cloud and Web Hosting Solutions  About the Company: The RightForge Cloud provides blazingly fast speeds and vast platform capabilities without the Big Tech censorship. RightForge systems are for anyone who believes in an Open Internet and Freedom of Expression... Read more

 Technology & Services

Source: Company Facebook Products: Outdoor Notebooks About the Company: Rite in the Rain is an environmentally responsible, All-Weather writing paper that sheds water and enables you to write in any weather... Read more

 Sports & Recreation /  Washington

Source: Company Facebook Products: Video Sharing Platform About the Company: Alternative video creation and social media platform that unlike YouTube, prioritizes free speech and freedom of thought... Read more

 Technology & Services /  Texas

Source: Saints and Sneakers Facebook Products: Custom Christian Apparel About the Company: Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, Saints and Sneakers makes "soles for your soul." Read more at their website. 

 Apparel & Accessories

Source: Company Facebook Products: Wine Storage  About the Company: Unlike other wine preservation solutions on the market, Savino does not try to control the environment of an opened bottle of wine... read more. 

 Home Goods /  Maine

Source: Screaming Freedom Facebook Products: Patriotic Themed Clothing About the Company: Screamin' Freedom offers a wide variety of historical, patriotic, and conservative branded apparel and drinkware... Read more

 Apparel & Accessories

Source: Company Facebook Products: Camping & Backpacking Gear  About the Company: Seek Outside designs and manufactures performance built backcountry products in western Colorado U.S.A. Their direct connection to the customer ensures they provide expert customer service, advice, and support for the lifecycle of their products... Read more

 Sports & Recreation

Source: Company Facebook Products: Secure, Encrypted Messaging App About the Company: State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open source Signal Protocol) keeps your conversations secure... Read more

 Technology & Services

Source: Company Facebook Products: Variety of Dry Goods and Home Goods  About the Company: In 1946, Bud and Mary Singleton, their 6 children, and a Cocker Spaniel named ‘Pal’,  started the first generation of the ‘Singleton Store’, originally called Newton’s Store, in Reading, VT... read more. 

 Home Goods /  Vermont

Source: Company Facebook Products: Premium Ammunition About the Company: Proudly based and manufactured out of Weatherford, Texas, Stand 1 Armory provides the highest quality ammunition at affordable prices... Read more

 Sports & Recreation

Products: Gourmet Butter About the Company: The Chattanooga Butter Company is a small, veteran-owned business with big dreams and aspirations! We don't conform to the unwritten standard of sacrificing your personal health for...  Read more

 Food & Beverage /  Tennessee

Products: 100% Beef Chili About the Company: Dee and Angie Cowger continued a family tradition and opened The Custard Stand in 1991 as a take-out dairy bar in Webster Springs, West Virginia... Read more

 Food & Beverage /  West Virginia

Source: DIY With Amber Facebook  Products: Interior Decorating Kits and Subscription Services About the Company: Owned and operated by entrepreneur, wife, and mother Amber Strong, The Maker's Map offers unique interior decorating and arts and crafts materials and subscriptions. Read more at her website. 

 Sports & Recreation /  Georgia

Products: 100% Grass Fed Beef About the Company:  Bart Simmons fulfilled a lifelong dream in 2003 when he purchased the 2S Ranch located 50 miles west of Dallas in Palo Pinto, Texas.  Over the next decade he transformed the ranch, restoring its land and soil with great care.  After a decade of work, the 2S Ranch had enough acreage of quality Texas grasses to begin providing 100% grass fed beef to customers all over the country.

 Food & Beverage /  Texas

Source: Company Facebook page Products: Handcrafted, all-natural candles About the Company: The Stellar Company Candles are hand-crafted with the purpose of curating calmness, coziness, & curiosity... Read more on the Stellar Company website

 Home Goods /  Indiana

Source: Theology of Home Facebook Products: Home Goods, Books, Children's Goods About the Company: Run by two Catholic mothers, Theology of Home offers high-quality home goods and more as well as maintaining an online presence, combining evangelism with great customer service... Read more on the Theology of Home website

 Apparel & Accessories, Education, Home Goods /  Virginia

Source: Vaer Facebook Products: American-made Watches About the Company: Vaer was founded in 2016 by Ryan Torres and Reagan Cook with the goal of building an affordable everyday wristwatch that blended tasteful design with extreme durability and functionality... Read More

 Apparel & Accessories /  New York

Source: Company Facebook Products: Stuffed Animals  About the Company: Microwavable Stuffed Animals & Wellness Products scented with French lavender for soothing warmth and comfort... Read more  

 Sports & Recreation

Source: Company Facebook Products: Custom Backpack Equipment  About the Company: Warmlite has been in business since 1957 providing high quality, lightweight camping, backpacking, and mountaineering equipment... Read more

 Sports & Recreation

Source: WE THE PEOPLE Wines Facebook Products: Wines and Subscriptions About the Company: WE THE PEOPLE is an American brand dedicated to Conservative values. Their wine is made for Americans by Americans. American exceptionalism, free markets, free people, free speech and limited government are what they stand for. Read more here.

 Food & Beverage /  Illinois

Source: Company Facebook Products: Amish furniture About the Company: Today Weavers has grown to become the number one furniture destination in Amish country... read more  

 Home Goods /  Ohio

Source: Company Facebook Products: Tools About the Company: Every hand tool in the Wilde Tool catalog is manufactured and assembled in the USA... Read more

 Sports & Recreation /  Washington

Source: Company Facebook Products: Outdoor and Hiking Apparel  About the Company: Regardless of where your outdoor interests lie, you’ll find that Wintergreen Northern Wear will deliver exactly what they promise: quality, distinction, performance, and "Made in USA" pride... Read more on the Wintergreen website  

 Apparel & Accessories, Sports & Recreation

Source: Woobies Facebook  Products: Custom Sneakers About the Company: With a unique blend of streetwear and combat utility, Woobies has firmly cemented itself as one of the fastest growing footwear brands in America. Created by a veteran of the Special Forces, Woobies crafts the versatility necessary for combat into every one of its shoes... Read more on the Woobies website

 Apparel & Accessories

Source: Company Facebook Products: Exercise Equipment About the Company: Wright Equipment guarantees quality by employing hardworking Americans that work ‘round the clock to design and produce the best fitness equipment in the country... read more  

 Sports & Recreation /  Alabama

Source: Company Facebook Products: Custom Condiments and Sauces  About the Company: Zesti found small-batch, award-winning flavor makers all over the country who shared their ideologies. Flavor makers who use real ingredients in their concoctions... Read more

 Food & Beverage