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ALIGN | Issue No. 19

Greetings, On Wednesday, we polled ALIGN readers to learn what compels you to buy “Made in America” products. At the bottom of this issue you can discover which factor was most popular, but we’ll summarize by saying this: It’s a healthy impulse to care that the things we buy are an investment in our own country’s strength and our own neighbors’ welfare. This mindset is commonly insulted as “protectionist,” “unrealistic,” or hostile to the “free

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ALIGN | Issue No. 17

Greetings, Yet another sign of the times comes from Wednesday’s reader poll. We asked: “Are you watching the Olympics this year?” You answered: 53%  Actively no, something is “off”. 38%  Passively no, I simply haven’t had time/interest. 9%     Yes, but this year feels different. 0%     Yes, it’s as thrilling as usual. It isn’t just the Olympics, where athletes, isolated from their families, are performing historic feats to empty stadiums. Something is definitely “off” stateside, too. Our

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ALIGN | Issue No. 16

Greetings, Do you fill out our reader polls at the end of each issue of ALIGN? We like to hear what’s top of mind for fellow travelers. Last week, ALIGN noted that education is exploding with possibility as parents feel motivated to explore options that will free their children from defective schools and questionable curricula. Curious, we asked readers: “What is the most important non-academic area that is under-emphasized in traditional public schools?” Nearly 70%

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