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Yes, we have some limited ads. But every business featured in for our ads goes through the same rigious vetting as every other business we feature.

Our goal is to connect American businesses with American consumers.

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Our Mission

Bringing Americans together to restore the country we love.

The American people refuse to be coerced, censored, and punished by corporate agendas. And we will not stand by while the powerful and corrupt re-engineer the country we love into something unrecognizable.

  • We want to buy from companies that love our country and respect their customers’ values and beliefs.
  • We want to buy MADE IN THE USA.
  • We want to build up American jobs and strengthen our communities. We want family businesses and farms to thrive, not wither away to be replaced by faceless corporations.
  • We want the money we spend on products and services to be an investment in our country’s future and our citizens’ prosperity, not a transfer of wealth to corporations embracing destructive and hostile political causes.

Common Questions

Yes! The Newsletter is free. 

We do some sponsorships/advertisements. But all businesses we feature go through the same rigorous checks. Whether they are a sponsored or not.

 We know full well that Facebook is not a company we want to support. We are actively working on growing this newsletter through alternative means. But the truth is Facebook has a monopoly right now on the people we want to reach. We hope to one day move on from Facebook. 

We’re working on that! We have big plans for ALIGN and the community we’re trying to start. One of those features will be a master list that is searchable. Please bear with us as we work to build out those capabilities.

The Bigger Picture

Each week, ALIGN also presents you with actionable insights to further our movement.

Corporations that attempt to extort compliance with their political preferences are about as un-American as it gets. Remember, they are counting on the powerful institutions that side with them to make their causes seem more popular than they are. The American way of life is at stake, and neutrality is not an option. As our co-founder, Matt Peterson, writes: “The only way out is through. … That’s why we created New Founding: to create a broad-based digital commonwealth that will protect and represent businesses and consumers alike. We have dedicated ourselves to the task of organizing and creating new networks of consumers and businesses.”

As our co-founder Nate Fischer writes, “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you. Many Americans…prefer to ignore the political battles and attendant controversy dividing our country, but neutrality is no longer an option.” Given the stakes, Americans must start building our lives and careers around the right side sooner rather than later. Like-minded Americans must organize effectively for our political and economic interests. New Founding is building out an economic and cultural ecosystem for everyone who loves their country and wants to see its promise restored. There’s no time to lose.

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