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ALIGN | Issue No. 50

Greetings, The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you’re bound to find your kids or siblings pilfering snacks from the pantry, where

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ALIGN | Issue No. 49

Greetings, It’s the middle of February, which means everyone is officially tired of winter, but the vast majority of the country still has quite a

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ALIGN | Issue No. 48

Greetings, Yes, football is now gay: The NFL literally told us so last summer. Yes, the highest paid athletes in the world commonly complain they are victims

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ALIGN | Issue No. 47

Greetings, Like pretty much every holiday, Valentine’s Day has been aggressively corporatized—the next theme brought in immediately after Christmas to fill the shelves of drug

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ALIGN | Issue No. 46

Greetings, People on the right (or heck, even just people who don’t completely embrace tech totalitarianism) know that Google isn’t on our side. Google tracks us

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Press Statement | January 24, 2022 Dear Readers,  In last week’s issue of ALIGN, you saw a preview of our stand against Carhartt’s oppressive vaccine

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ALIGN | Issue No. 45

Greetings, You may not know it, but ALIGN is actually part of a bigger organization called New Founding. New Founding is completely devoted to supporting a

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ALIGN | Issue No. 44

Greetings, It’s over! The mad rush to prepare for Christmas, spend quality time with family members, and make it to the end of the year

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ALIGN | Issue No. 43

Greetings, It’s a new year, which means Americans across the country have started facing up to the cold January realization that maybe a new fitness

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ALIGN | Issue No. 42

Greetings, New Year’s Day is fast approaching. It’s time for sequin outfits, cheap party hats, and adults forcing themselves to stay up until 12:01am before they

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ALIGN | Issue No. 41

Greetings, Back in 1965, the iconic Charlie Brown Christmas Special came out. Now famous for its jazzy tunes and uplifting story, the program is such

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ALIGN | Issue No. 40

Greetings, At ALIGN, we help develop an economy rooted in businesses that support a better, more human way of living. That can mean a lot of

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